Email Solicitors

I get email spam all the time and I do admit that even though all of the spams end up being deleted, I did take a few moments to quickly read the emails mostly for educational purposes. I received one last night regarding one of my websites that I run. I thought the tone of the email was professional but the email, like most spam, was very generic. The email didn’t tell me how their company could help out my website specifically and had a lot of unnecessary text. I definitely would have responded if the email was geared more towards my website.

Dear James,

I personally reviewed your website at XXXXXX and am writing because I see an opportunity to work with your business to help significantly improve the effectiveness of your marketing programs with email marketing and social media campaigns.

These days, most marketing budgets have been slashed and marketers have been forced to “make due” with limited resources. The question that keeps most business owners, CMO’s and marketers up at night is: how do we make the most of our limited budget and still increase our ROI?

I am the Founder & CEO of List Engage, Inc., an e-marketing company that provides end-to-end e-marketing and social media solutions. I began ListEngage—after spending over 15 years in the industry as an Engineer and Senior Consultant with Bell Labs, PictureTel — to provide businesses with an alternative to cookie-cutter marketing services that only view their clients as an invoice.

At List Engage we specialize in full-service, hands-on campaign implementation for all of our clients. Whether we’re sending your monthly newsletter, or mapping out an engaging Twitter strategy: we understand what’s working today and provide customized service every step of the way. Not only do we offer expertise and best-of-breed guidance but “hands-on” implementation of all the ideas we recommend.

We work with B2B and B2C companies of all sizes and industries. Some of our clients include: Alpha Software, Green Giant, C.C. Filson, BrandsMart USA,Parametric Technologies,  Chadwick’s, Fidelity Investor, Jessica London, J.Jill, and Response Insurance… to name a few.

We help these clients solve marketing challenges that go beyond traditional “carpet-bombing” approaches—including triggered automations, great email design, and creating (designing and executing) highly effective social media campaigns. We won’t make promises we can’t backup with measurable results.

Has your team sat down lately and considered the following?

1) How does our business nurture and engage prospects that visit our site?
2) Are we “hiding under a rock” avoiding the incredible potential of Web 2.0 and social media because we don’t know where to start or fear the risks associated?
3) Are our marketing efforts integrated with our CRM software?
4) Do we have a follow-up strategy (re-marketing) to engage our audience?
5) Have we automated our emails for: leads, customer service requests, customer’s birthdays or anniversaries, abandoned cart reminders, or special engagement offers.

I will be happy to show you a quick demo and share some case studies of how we have helped our clients put these e-marketing programs in place and also discuss the results we have been able to achieve for them.

Please email me directly with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best of luck in your e-marketing efforts..

First Blog Post

Finally starting my first blog. Hopefully I’ll manage to keep it updated with content.  I’ll be posting anything geek related, mostly from my programming adventures ranging from iPhone, Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, etc…