I own a few domains and recently received an email telling me that a similar domain to one that I own will be listed for sale. I checked the status of the domain and it shows that it’s currently in PENDING DELETE status, meaning it will become available to the public within a few days. This is actually a smart little tactic this spammer is employing. They are trying to gauge the value and interest level of a domain to determine whether or not it’s worth it to them to register right as it becomes available.

Priority Domain  Availability Notice for ****************.com:

In the next few  days,  ****************.com will be listed for sale.  Since you have a
similar domain name, I  thought you might be interested in acquiring

You can confirm  your interest in the domain ****************.com by filling out the
form here: ****************

After I receive  a confirmation that you are interested in the domain
****************.com, I  will be in touch with you promptly to make  arrangements.

I look forward  to hearing back from you.

Arthur Simmons
InTrust Domains

The take away from this email is check things out for yourself before just accepting the fact. Owning the domain referenced in the email may be nice but had I clicked on the link, InTrust Domains probably may register the domain since I showed some sort of interest by following through on their email. I’ll check in a few days to see if the domain is available. It’s not worth too much so I’m not too concern but am quite curious on the outcome.